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$60 Each Share = 100 unique clicks per Share
Max 4 Shares = 400 unique clicks
per person in each Rotator

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Now that you are part of a great program and community of like-minded Entrepreneurs, you are ready to "Earn while you Learn"  - promoting your awesome products as an Affiliate Marketer or by building your Team as a Network Marketer.

No matter the program, you know you NEED to have a continual supply of fresh, targeted traffic coming to your capture page and into your sales funnel, to get more Leads and conversions to Sales.

And you know that the Leaders who are able to buy Ad Traffic in Bulk are getting a much better price than what you are paying for small 100 click, 200 click or 300 click packages.  But you most likely don't have the budget to afford a 3000 click or 5000 click ad package.


=>  Exclusive 'Member Invite Only' Traffic Co-op offering bulk discount pricing to all participants, even if you only buy 1 share of 100 clicks, you get a LOWER price per click than a 2000 click bulk package.  [You can see regular traffic package pricing at http://getgreatclicks.com]

=>  $60 per share (each share = 100 clicks) to your unique URL (your capture/squeeze page).  Max 4 shares per person per weekly Co-op rotator.  NOTE:  You must provide your own Capture/Squeeze page for these bulk discounted Co-op Traffic Shares.  IF you need additional services such as a custom landing/squeeze page, autoresponder set up, email series follow ups, etc, please visit our main page for package pricing at http://getgreatclicks.com
==> Co-op traffic packs are set up in a rotator fashion that allows you to receive HIGH quality Top-Tier traffic at the same price as a larger purchase due to GROUP purchasing power.

=>  Each co-op share will deliver a minimum of 100 unique clicks to the URL link you provide, minimum 85% Tier 1 traffic, from solo ad emails sent to our large email subscriber lists of MMO prospects.  All clicks are real people (NO Bots or Spiders) who are highly interested in anything related to affiliate marketing, network marketing, MLM, home business, and work from home opportunities.

=> Each Team Co-op Rotators will be limited to 5000 clicks at one time (50 Shares of 100 clicks each) to maintain speed and efficency..... and will start running within 24-48 hrs after it closes (weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern) or sooner if it sells out (when 50 shares are sold).  

=>  You will receive a confirmation email or FB message when your Rotator is set to start (or has just begun) along with a unique Stats link showing the # of clicks received (while running) and % of Tier 1 clicks so you can follow along as your traffic and leads come in.

=>  You can purchase shares to our Member Invite Only Co-op Rotator at any time.  Your shares will be added to the next Rotator coming up that has not sold out.  If this week's rotator is already running or the next rotator is already sold out, your shares will be added to the following Rotator after that.  The bottom line - the SOONER you order and pay for your Shares, the SOONER your traffic will run and Leads will come in to your autoresponder.

NOTE:  Traffic delivery through the rotator is limited by the amount of people in the rotator. This means if there are 20-30 people in the rotator, your traffic will be delivered slower than a Premium Solo traffic purchase (available at http://getgreatclicks.com).  Each person in the rotator will be delivered traffic at the same time.

Once a Rotator is sold/closed and traffic is scheduled - OR STARTS running (even just a couple clicks delivered) your co-op order is non-refundable since this is a deliverable service and other orders have been turned away.   Therefore, do not place a co-op Order if you have any questions or concerns.  Contact me at getgreatclicks@gmail.com OR www.facebook.com/tessmahan to ask questions BEFORE ordering and paying for your shares. Consider this ad traffic co-op shares as non-refundable once ordered and paid.
you want in the NEXT available Co-op

$60 Each Share = 100 unique clicks per Share
Max 4 Shares = 400 unique clicks
per person in each Rotator

Then Create Your Affiliate Account to 
Refer other Team members to the
Co-op Rotator OR my Traffic Services 
at http://GetGreatClicks.com
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